Saturday, November 13, 2010


Bike: So the whole plan was that I would be riding my bike as much as possible. That idea kind of went out the window when I flipped my bike. I think it helped though. Riding for a week then taking a couple of weeks off helped to ingrain riding on the opposite side of the road. The way I see it, there is four stages. First stage is knowingly forcing yourself to ride on the opposite of the road. The second stage is to remembering to ride on the left side of the road but still swerve right when you are not thinking about it. I think I am at the 3rd stage, riding on the left, and actually swerving left without thinking about it but still feeling relived when you realize you made the correct decision.
Tube: While I was waiting for my knee to heal I've was using the tube. The price of riding the tube is about the same as it was in New York. For the Day Pass or per ride, and that is saying something since I am not in Zone 1.
Walking: Luckily I have been able to convince my mind to still look both ways for cars. I can't convince myself to switch to looking right first but as long as I look both ways I should keep myself out of the hospital, however I have had a close call of almost stepping into the road in front of a bike. Everyone asks me to compare living here in London to New York City. The biggest difference is cars actually stop for pedestrians. Not only that but when you approach a sidewalk and wait for the car to pass through before crossing, they will stop and flash their brights madly that you didn't just start walking.
Taxi: London Taxis are special built cars with a very distinctive shape, and luckily I now know there is a lot of headroom in London Taxis, and that is saying something for me. Taxi's here are expensive and I really don't think I would have taken one if it there had not been 4 other people with me to pay the fare. (Co-workers headed to a party)
Train: The train routes for London overlay the tube lines but make fewer stops. As long as you use an Oyster card it is basically the same price too. So as soon as I have the stops memorized for the tube then I can start working on memorizing all the train stops for all the express routes.

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