Friday, December 10, 2010


Tis the season for parties.
Baking Contest: At my student village they had a baking contest. Since around this time I am craving persimmon pudding I decided to make that. The reason why is because the fact I found persimmons at the store which is what I thought confirmed my suspicion that it was a normal desert here as opposed to the U.S. where I have to explain it to everyone. (It's a British style pudding that is basically cake.) Nope, same thing here. No one had heard of it, but they all liked it. Enough that I won the prize. A British food cookbook. So now if ever need to make Toad in the Hole or Bubble and Squeak, I've got the recipes.
Movie Night: Every Sunday they send around an email of what movie they are showing. They line up all the couches with an overhead projector. It's such a homey thing to do. Some people bring pop corn. It's fun.
As far as student planned parties they are of course centered around drinking. Apparently all the saint days mean they are for drinking. They were talking about having a party for St. Andrews Day, which meant we needed to have scotch whiskey. Apparently St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland. Which of course ties into whiskey from Scotland. See the problem is that the only one that carried over to the U.S. was St. Patricks Day. which is the time to drink Guinness. Only seeing one piece of the puzzle, I never would have guessed that every Saint had a special liquor for their Saint Day.

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