Wednesday, January 05, 2011


It is kind of scary but I think I am becoming assimilated into British Culture. Now don't get me wrong I won't be drinking tea anytime soon, but there are little things.
L. noticed that I have started looking left before right when I cross the road. I was watching a movie and it literally took me two seconds of thinking "What does him driving on the wrong side of the road" have to do with the plot before I realized he was driving on the right, because it was in Italy. I feel like I have started to pick up the British Cadence when I speak. Not the accent (L. agrees) but the rhythm of my speech has changed. (Except how I say American, somehow that has become Amuricun because I say it so often.) I think in Celcius for tempreture, I only know my weight in stones (because that is what the scale at the gym tells me) and I used the term "flat" to refer to my apartment for the first time without thinking about it first.

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