Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Burns Night

Apparently "Robbie Burns Day" is a celebration of all things Scottish. It is a big enough holiday that it is considered a Bank Holiday. They were having a party in the Village hall and looking for people to help cook some haggis. How could I refuse a chance to do that? Luckily it is just pulled out of the bag and boiled for 90 minutes.
So it goes that Robert Burns was a poet in Scotland that died in 1796 who wrote poetry to things such as haggis, and is credited with writing "Auld lang syne". The way it is celebrated is with all things Scottish. Scotch whiskey, mashed swedes (a.k.a. neeps, think giant turnips), mashed potatoes (tatties) and of course haggis.
The haggis ended up being pretty tasty. Basically it tastes like a spicy but not hot spicy Mexican chorizo. (Not to surprising when you realize it is heart, liver, and lungs of a sheep blended up with some spices then stuffed into the stomach and boiled for an hour and a half.) The mashed swedes tasted very similar to mashed potatoes but a little less starchy.

I know that I am defiantly becoming assimilated because when they first told me about what they were doing for the party it didn't even phase me.

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