Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I don't really follow any sports in the U.S. as it is. It's even worse here since I don't even know the sports. They were talking about Football (Soccer) and started going on about the different positions. I mean I at least know all the Baseball, Basketball, and Football positions from playing the game. The last time I played soccer was in Middle School.
The British are crazy about any sports that are done in a pub. (darts, pool, competitive drinking...)To give you an idea, while in the store I heard two kids run over to the sports section and have one say to the other: "Cool, the new year's darts are here.
There is a big rival Cricket competition that happens every two years happening right now between Australia and the U.K. Since I have no idea about Cricket rules watching it as I walk by any TV's is like a parade in weirdness. I'm sure someone that never had seen a Baseball game would thing the same thing.
I realized that rugby and football area pretty much in the same class of sport. I know that a lot of people find that sacrilege but there are also "Irish rugby", and "Australian rugby" and they are as different from each other about as much as football is from rugby so I guess they are all in the same family.
Net ball: At first it is what I thought they called basketball. As it turns out, it's similar to basketball except there is no backboard, and you can't move when you have the ball. It looks pretty fun but it looks like it is the equivalent of softball is to baseball so only women play it.

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