Tuesday, February 01, 2011

American Party

A friend of a friend was moving from London to Amsterdam. He is American and wanted to have an American party so I was invited to help add to the ambiance (Now there is a first). I wasn't really sure how different it would be to all the British parties I've been to. I mean college parties seem to center around drinking, with the only difference is British pub culture makes it more acceptable here.
Well I was wrong. The first thing I noticed walking in were all the people wearing baseball caps. It hit me it was the first time I had seen anyone wearing one for a while since I really only regularly talk to one other American and she doesn't wear them. The guy throwing the party had brought back a large pack of the red solo cups from the last trip to the U.S. for authenticity. Apparently Beer Pong is a very American game since no non-American had ever played. The red cups were used for Beer Pong and Flip Cup but buying a keg was more expensive than cans so everyone just emptied one can into two cups to keep the ambiance. (Yet another example of the difference between a British and American Pint.)
I spent my time just talking so the main thing I noticed was the lack of accents; at least in my eyes. Being in London has made me acute to the different British accents (I now can recognize the difference between a Birmingham and Manchester) It took me a half hour or so to go back to recognizing the Connecticut accent from North Dakota. (Texas was different enough it hit me right away).

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