Friday, February 11, 2011

British Comedy Show

When I visited London five years ago as a tourist I went to a comedy show and spent half the time with a blank stare because I didn't understand the jokes about British TV shows or celebrities. So with a little hesitation I tagged along with friends to a local comedy show. I have to say I was able to get a lot more of the jokes.
The host comedian warmed up the audience by asking where everyone was from and cracking jokes about that area of the U.K. or Europe. I know where most of the major cities are now in the U.K. and exports from most of the areas so I laughed right along.
British humor is always known as being self-deprecating and dry and that was true but there is also not the hang up about political correctness there were a lot more jokes about race. (However I didn't feel they crossed the line over to racial jokes.)
The next comic played songs on a guitar. It was funny, but had to keep rhythm to the song so there were not as many jokes. It did sound realistic when he did his own accompaniment with his mouth that sounded like a trumpet.
The last comic was a guy from Idaho. His observations about British pub culture seemed to hit a chord with what I had said to friends. Every punchline one of my friends would look at me to see my reaction. I just nodded my head and kept laughing. The comic noted that normal behavior on a sunny day would be to go into a dark pub to talk about how rare it is sunny, and when he went outside to puke because he didn't have as high of a alcohol tolerance as his friends they remarked "Oh good, you're making room for more."

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