Saturday, March 19, 2011

End of term boat trip

They talked me into making the flyer for the party for the end of the term. We had decided to have it on a boat that make a 3 hour tour up and down the Thames river. I thought it was obvious but no one had heard of Gilligans island but I couldn't resist. I added a picture of the minnow on the party flyer, even if only the two other Americans and one Canadian were the only ones to get the joke.
So these party barges (or disco boats) are pretty regular things for London. They all pretty much look the same and have to have really low roofs to go under all the bridges. This meant if I didn't want to lean my head to one side I had to spend a lot of time outside, which is fine since I was taking pictures anyway.
I got to see the Parliament building and Big Ben. The MI5 and MI6 headquarters (Think British versions of the FBI and CIA respectively) are both on the water which seems kind of weird when you want to keep secrets. Going under the Tower bridge was interesting. It is just as decoratively painted underneath as it is on top.

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