Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Grocery Store

I feel so dirty. I broke down and went to an American grocery store. I have been happy I have not had any cravings for food that I couldn't cook myself. At least until now that it has got warmer. Now we have had a few barbeques and fires in the fire pit of course the talk comes to roasting marshmallows, and for me, s'mores. The funny thing I didn't realize is that graham crackers are only an American thing, so by extension so are s'mores. Graham crackers are not something that I really wanted to try making either. I had looked up a few grocery stores that sold American food before I moved here, and looking up the list there was one only a block away from where I was. I guess there is a large number of Americans that live in the neighborhood so they stock some stuff. They had a small shelf hidden away in the back (like the adult section at the video store) with all the stuff that Americans can't get in London. It was rather embarrassing seeing all the "American" food because it was mostly junk food and candy. I talked with some British women in the store and she was overjoyed there was just somewhere in London that she could get Reese's peanut butter cups.
I got my graham crackers and introduced all my friends to s'mores. Apart from graham crackers being close to digestives (a wafer eaten with tea here) everyone enjoyed them hugely and we went through both bags of American marshmallows by the end of the night. (British marshmallows are smaller and come in pink and white for some reason. They also have something called mallows here that are the same size as American marshmallows but they are twisted rainbow colored things that have more sugar in them and I'm not sure how they would fair roasting over a fire.)

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