Tuesday, April 05, 2011

British Isles: The safest place on earth

I was walking from the tube station with some friends and the conversation turned to if we were in Australia we would need vary our path from day to day so crocodiles wouldn't learn our habits. (My friend, from Australia, says this is true for some parts of the country.) So we each related what we were taught as kids. I learned it was fine to chase coyotes back up into the hills as long as you didn't corner them; and what the sound of a rattle snake meant. My Polish friend related how to avoid wolves then the three of us looked at the British guy who had a confused look on his face. There are no dangerous animals here. Anything big enough was hunted to death long ago. There are no poisonous snakes or spiders either.
So then I started talking about the other stuff I learned in school like earthquake and flood drills. The U.K. doesn't really flood, has never had an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or anything else really. And that is when it hit me - The whole "pub culture" makes sense. It is totally fine to pass out on the way home because you wouldn't be carried away by a pack of wild dogs or washed away in a flood. In other places the culture would develop to look down on getting that drunk because there would be a chance that a snake would bite you while passed out in the field. I'm sure there are some other reasons in there too, but it made for a good laugh before we got to "uni".

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