Thursday, May 05, 2011

It's Just a Jump to the Left

An update on the whole getting used to traffic moving on the left side. I am not quite sure when it happened, but I switched over. It only took me three months here to look left first instead of right when crossing the road but that was just out of the need to preserve my life. The real change was when I realized I was going up and down stairs or walking down paths on the left. If I want to walk slow and enjoy the spring weather I caught myself naturally moving to the left of the sidewalk to let people pass me. I caught myself getting frustrated with tourists in the tube walking down their right side of the stairs while I was going up on my left side.
The only thing that has not changed over is my brain is still predicting which side the car will end up on when they make a left hand turn, or come out of a round-about. Hopefully that is the final step.

...and yes I realize my brain is going to have to go through the time warp again when I move.

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