Friday, May 20, 2011

Politically Correct

One of the cultural differences here is that for the history of Britain it was the majority of white people all the way back. There is less of a drive to be politically correct when you are not trying to dance around the fact that there were a lot of different cultures that became the melting pot. (That being said, this is of course England. Talking to people from Scotland, Wales, or Ireland will get a different answer.) So when filling out the census it was quite odd when I got to the question and the only two choices for white were: British-white, Other-white. Of course that being said apparently all the people I hang out with went to school during the time they were trying to introduce some diversity. So they mock fake story problems often using names such as "Ravfikki" and such.
There is also no ambiguity about religion. There doesn't need to be when the figure head of the country is also the head of the state religion. So they get a huge kick out of me calling it Spring break instead of Easter holiday. Even more so since everything they have associated with Spring break is from T.V. so basically girls in bikinis and wild parties.

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