Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My walk to the tube

I walk on a path through a cemetery on the way to the tube every morning. All winter it has just been part of the walk standing in the way between me and my destination. Now that it is Spring the once bare aspen trees that lined the path have created a walk though the dappled light of the woods. It has become a nice surprise every morning with all the birds chirping. It feels a little like it's out of a Disney movie with how good the weather has been lately.
The weird part though are these bugs that are trying to warm themselves. Normally I guess they fly around but along this path light only makes it through in random little holes. So as I walk down the path there are bugs flying, frozen in three dimensional space, glowing as they are lit up in the specks of sunshine. Dodging my head around them has become somewhat of a video game. It's pretty fun to do and even funnier to watch others.

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