Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Royal Wedding

It has been interesting living here during one of the most British things possible to happen: The royal wedding. It has been interesting watching the dual over the top patriotism and apathy happening at the same time. According to the paper, about 80% of British people don't care or are annoyed by the wedding, and that is about the same as what I found. But the level of kitsch showing up in stores and the number of flags that have been up is off the charts so I think there is a disconnect what people say publicly and how they act privately. (I guess also very British). I do think that there I felt a higher level of interest from my American friends than here. Of course being here though, it was bizarre having someone's wedding day declared a national holiday. But a friend explained it to me as I get president's day every year; they get one day off every twenty years.
There is no way I wanted to go into the center of the city with all the people camping out in tents along the route so luckily the village I lived in decided to throw our own street party. I found a shirt that said "Thanks for the Day off" in the same script as "Keep calm and carry on" signs. (I got a lot of people telling me they liked it.) There was a barbeque (sausages), croquet, and British flags everywhere. They showed the wedding using the projector and everyone threw confetti on each other at the same time. It was a cool group experience and I liked being able to talk to all the British people about how they felt. The best part though was the renting of a bouncy castle. A huge group of us must have spent three to four hours jumping and flipping in there. By the end I was tired, sore, had a few friction burns, but very happy. It was very cathartic.
A group of friends and I decided to go out to a club afterward. We had wanted to find another dubstep night at a club. (A music genre that started here in London that I have enjoyed for dancing.) I got more comments about my shirt and enjoyed completely physically wearing out my body dancing. Getting up out of the seat of the night bus when we got home took some effort. As I write this two days later I can still feel it a little.

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