Thursday, June 02, 2011


When I was looking into the housing situation here I noticed the washing machine was always in the kitchen. It makes sense when the norm is to not even have enough room for a living room much less a laundry room. When I got here I found out the combo washer and dryers do not work the same way as in the U.S. (forced air to dry). Instead the water is just heated to boiling surrounding the tank and the water vapour leaves through the plumbing vent instead of a special dryer vent. This of course does not work all to well so everyone buys a dryer. But the term dryer here means a self standing wire contraption that is set up indoors (because it rains every day) and can be easily collapsed. The thing is since the weather is so damp clothes are pretty much drying all the time. Mix this with the smell of laundry soap always lingering even with the extra rinse and suddenly the brand of soap to buy becomes important since your room and everything in it is going to smell like that.

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