Friday, June 17, 2011


When back in the U.S. I realised how much I had adjusted to British money. Since American money is all the same color and size I found myself checking and double checking every time I paid for something.
Here the money are different colours sizes and usually different textures (and I really like they put Darwin on the £10 note). The problem is that there is no one pound note. So when I break a five I get a lot of change back. This has led to me being in a constant fight to keep my amount of change down. In the U.S. I just kept a change dish but if I did that here all my money would be converted to change in a week. Most people here just carry a change purse but I think that just delays the problem.
British coins do make since when you know the system. The values go up as the color changes from bronze to silver to gold. Within each category larger size means higher value and octagons are worth more than circles.
Now that I am back I small amount of American money still and it is a weird sensation to look at it as worthless since I can't use it here.

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