Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Fête

To celebrate the end of the term the student village I live in decided to throw a traditional British fête (think festival, pronounced fate). Aside from the traditional barbecue food and bad pop songs there were a lot of carnival type games:
  • Splat the Rat: A taped up sock is slid down a long black drainpipe. When it pops out the end you have to hit it with a bat. The skill was in timing when the "rat" would come out.
  • Coconut Shy: coconuts were placed in cups that were attached to sticks. hit the coconut out of the cup and you can keep it.
  • Hoop-la: Ring toss over posts.
  • Croquet Challenge: croquet hoops were set up with different point values when hit them through.
  • Beat the buzz: metal hoop is passed around a bended wire. The skill is getting the hoop from one side to the other without touching the wire, completing the electrical circuit and causing a buzz.
  • Jaques Tumble Tower: Think giant game of jenga that is about 4 feet tall.
  • Sponge toss: They had painted the queen in a bikini with a hole where the head should be. People took turns putting their head through the hole while people threw wet sponges.
  • Hook a duck: rubber ducks with numbers on the bottom in a wading/kiddie pool with a hook in their back. You have a fishing pole with a hook on the end. Hook the right numbered duck and win a prize. It didn't take that long before people were jumping or throwing others in the pool.
  • Rocket launch: It is supposed to be cow-splat where you bet money where the cow will relieve themselves in a field, but no cow. Instead me launched a 2-liter bottle filled with air and water and everyone stood where they thought it would land.
  • Coin-drop: silver coins put in the bottom of a large drum of water. drop copper coins into water. If your coin touches the silver coin you get to keep it. The skill is that it is random chance with how much the coin flips when it hits the water.
I guess that was all the traditional games but there was also a bouncy castle, Frisbee, a football to kick around, and giant games of checkers and chess. We were missing Moris dancers which apparently are supposed to "dress up silly, ring their bells in the air, then drink all the booze". (It amazes me how much of British culture is getting drunk while dressed odd.) It was perfect weather, sunny and 30 degrees (that is about 85°F). I think I have adjusted to the weather since it felt warm and I was more than happy to sit in the poll with ducks and plastic balls floating around me.

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