Monday, July 25, 2011

How I Deal With Stress

There is a famous saying: "Stop and smell the roses". I find this saying very interesting since I study human perception and performance. As the stress level rises people usually start loosing senses. First smell, then hearing, then touch, then even their vision starts to narrow. This tunnel vision does not bode well for me doing research since the whole point is to see tangential influences. So every day as often as possible (usually when I get to the tube station) I try to remember what sounds and smells I experienced on the walk there. If I can't think of any then I know I an experiencing to much stress and try to notice the smells and sounds of where I currently am. Forcing the mind to account for many senses breaks out of the tunnel vision and naturally lowers the fight, flight, or freeze response that stress can induce.
I find it funny that they realized so long ago that if you didn't remember the smell of the roses then there was a problem. The whole idea of enjoying the little things has become so important to me with the huge amount of stress that is hitting me right now. Normally in the past I would skip out on vacation somewhere. But without time, money, or a car that is a little harder. Instead I have been trying to focus on enjoying as many little things as possible to put a smile on my face. So again I have learned how important it is to just enjoy the smell of the roses.

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