Monday, August 01, 2011

I'm a Warden!

As I've said before I live in a student village of about 360 post-grad students. I had applied for the position to be a sub-warden so I wouldn't have to pay rent. I didn't get the position though. I couldn't answer the question "Why I wanted to be a sub-warden". See I was already on the committee to plan activities, I already go to most of the social events, and I couldn't say the real reason that I didn't want to pay rent. So, I choked on the question.
Then, another sub-warden left for an internship in Belgium. They offered me her position without another round of interviews because I ticked all the boxes. I was available on short notice. I was a foreigner when everyone else is British (still weird being a minority). I was already living in the village so I knew how things run, and the head warden and assistant warden were planning to leave soon so they wanted people that had a little history.
I got a new flat to live in. In a city where the rent prices force the the majority of people to need a flat-mate I am living alone for the first time in my life. My major duties are to plan parties and social events but since I was already helping to do that there is no change so my biggest sacrifices are I have to stay home on Thursdays and one weekend a month in case someone locks themselves out of their flat or has electrical issues. (I don't fix anything, just call someone). I think it is a good trade-off for free rent but my first night on duty I missed the one night my friend from high school who is in famous enough of a band that they are touring Europe because I couldn't leave the village. The good side is that now I have stories like talking someone down after they ate some "magic" cake a stranger gave them.

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