Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll

Sex: This may seem counter-intuitive but stick with me. Exposing people to sex actually makes them have less sex. Talking about sex here is not as taboo as it is in the States. "Page 3" of the paper is notorious since it shows a different topless woman every issue. Late at night there are boobs on T.V. and I've been weirded out by being in conversations with friends about which is their favorite porn site. That being said, every person I've had the conversation with has had less sex partners then an equivalent friend I know in the states. So I guess the morel is if you don't want teenage pregnancy talk about it!

Drugs: Well I consider alcohol a drug (and I really like the making this entry fit to the title too.) I am just amazed at how regulated alcohol is here. A shot is either 25ml or 35ml depending on the pub but they have to serve it from a jigger. Also glasses of wine are served from a larger jigger. Any of the pint glasses have to be etched with a line at the pint mark with the official crown showing that the glass is really a pint and it has less of a 1/4" of head on it. The funniest thing is that every British person I know, knows all of this and checks for every pour the bar tender makes, not to mention bringing up the fact that there is 568ml to a pint.

Rock & Roll: Summer in Britain is the time for festivals. The equivalent I can think of in the states is Coachella. The thing is that there are so many here. The biggest is Glastonbury, but there is also the Reading (pronounced red-ing) Festival, the Secret Garden, the Latitude Festival, and others that I am sure I have not heard about. All multi-day, multi-band concerts that people go and camp out for a few days for. I guess there is much more of a hippy type culture here than I thought.

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