Sunday, September 18, 2011

Buckingham palace

There are only two months out of the year that you can tour Buckingham palace. If it was up to the queen it wouldn't happen at all but she had to make the agreement for the UK government to help repair Windsor castle after a fire. There was a little part of me that wanted to go as a way to stick it to the man (or woman in this case).
Of course it's a palace so there is over the top opulence. I can't figure out why anyone is surprised that anyone's reality would be distorted living this separated from reality. The gardens were huge which made me feel weird since I knew we were in the middle of London but I couldn't hear any traffic. I do understand there needs to be a balance since there is the need to impress foreign heads of state and such but the longer that anyone stays in these surroundings the less grip they will have on reality. However, I must say it was not over the top as much as the Vatican, hmmmmmm.
What is funny was for how wonderfully understated all the overstatements of wealth were the gift shop at the end was full on tacky. London souvenir shops are kind of famous for putting the union jack on everything possible so I guess the palace gift shop was a step down from that but it did have chocolate crowns and the such.
Of course, the real reason why I wanted to make sure to go this year was because of the royal wedding. During the wedding itself I wasn't really sure why everyone was so captivated by it. Seeing all the details gave me a better understanding. I had more respect for all the tradition, at the same time that I felt a little sorry that they were forced to have wedding a certain way. (Of course any pangs of sorrow quickly went away at the knowledge of how much they spent on the wedding.) I had read the Queen thought that the wedding dress was presented in a way to bring up Princess Di. I do have to admit the dress did look spooky, very ghost like. But everything for the wedding did a good of explaining all the symbolism that I didn't realize was there.
Gift store was tacky

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