Saturday, September 17, 2011

End of term party

It was the last party of the year. September, so it was already getting cold again but we wanted to do something outside. We hired a laser tag company to come. Basically it was a giant inflatable maze you climbed into. Everyone's gun also had sensors on it so you would just pile into the dark tunnels and start shooting. We also tried having a barbecue but it started raining half way though so everyone was either in the laser tag or village hall with an unlucky few manning the grill.
Later in the night we hired a bus to take us to Oceana club. Of course the British tradition is to pre-drink so everyone imagine you and 50 drunk friends on a coach together. It got pretty loud just getting there.
The reason why Oceana was chosen is because it is huge. There are 3 dance floors: a club, ballroom, and a disco complete with Saturday night fever light up squares on the dance floor. There are also plenty of themed bars such as the Aspen ski lodge and China room. It was the last time we all were going to see a lot of these people so it felt strangely like school prom type event. Of course since all of the masters students were done with their course they were getting extra drunk so instead of being a designated driver I got to be the designated get people night bus person. All in all quite a fun night.

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