Saturday, September 24, 2011

Moving Out

So what happens when you try to help 300 odd students move out? well it wasn't organized that is for sure. Since a Masters degree is only a year here and the majority of the students living in the student village are Msc students they were already done so there was an impromptu party the night before move out. Everyone brought any alcohol they did not want to move or take home with them. Since the head warden was also moving out he contributed all the liquor he didn't want to take with him either and he had received some pretty odd liquor as gifts over the years. Come Saturday there was a lot of people moving out with some large hangovers.
We had set up a way for people to donate stuff to a second hand sale that would be resold to the students coming in. (Had to be sold because everyone would just take free stuff, not what they needed. All the money was donated to a charity) The thinking was always everything gets donated (including half-used boxes of food) or everything gets trashed (creating huge piles of trash).
As I was collecting keys from everyone there were a lot of goodbyes, a lot of people asking for extra time, and I had one friend that had his suitcase filled with all his clothes that disappeared with someone else's stuff. (So was probably on its way to China) As the cleaners went through each flat cleaning them out over the next week it was funny to see them trading and haggling over stuff students had left behind.

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