Monday, October 31, 2011


A costume can be an expensive thing for someone that has an imagination. This is a problem since I had lots of ideas and little capital to follow through with. Instead I searched around my flat to see what I could scrape up. As it turns out I bought an WWI pilots hat at one of the summer festivals. I had a brown leather jacket, white scarf, and khaki pants so it made it an easy decision. I didn't feel like the costume was compete without a mustache though, so it was off to one of the few "fancy dress" stores in London. I can't figure this out, when I arrived there was a line literally wrapped around the block to get in. You would think that with that much interest there would be more than 8 or so costume stores in London; especially with how popular fancy dress parties are. I went to a less popular costume store and only had to wait for 20 minutes to get in.
Running a party is much different than enjoying it. Last year I spent much more time socializing than I have been able to this year. I don't feel like I know anyone nearly as well as last year.

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