Saturday, October 01, 2011

Move-in Weekend

300 odd students have a weekend to move in. About 85% arrive on Saturday. The night before all the PhD students that were still living there, went around to all the flats and gave them a mug, a box with some tea and candy, and a poster with all the events.
I remember when I arrived last year I was tired, jet-lagged, wet, and just wanted to be left alone so I tried to judge people as they arrived about how long of a spiel I would give them. I was the most chipper person in the group so for most of the day I was the first person people would talk to. That lasted until my voice gave out. Everyone gets a huge pack of info that the University hands out. The important stuff is written up in "Survival guide". The reality is that it is pushed hard because no one wants to answer the same question over and over.
For the first two weeks there are activities every day. This makes everyone get tired and grumpy with each other since we don't get a break. It also means that I don't feel like I've been able to socialize since I've been helping behind the scenes so much. I also remember that I was so disoriented the first week that I didn't go to a lot so it is weird experiencing them all now.
There was a BBQ, barn dance, scavenger hunt, bowling, second hand sale, dance, karaoke, guide to the University (How to use the tube), trip to Kew Gardens, movie night, pub crawl, doctor's registration, football, basketball, and board games. Yeah, it was busy.

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