Friday, October 07, 2011


I was not expecting to have an offsite type meeting doing a PhD but my supervisor wanted to have a team building exercise. There are a lot of English country side mansions that have been turned into hotels. We visited one of these in the sleepy town of Brockenhurst. We started with a scavenger hunt and I must admit was mostly a waste of time... to team building. It was nice however to wander around a quaint little town. The next morning we had to give a presentation of our research which was helpful since everyone is so huddled in their little cubicles most of the time. Each group was then given a Lego mindstorm robot kit and we had to come up with the a design based on a word we were given. (Ours was "guidance") This part was actually fun and did help with the team building. I do have to admit that it did a lot better of a job being offsite then trying to do it with just a meeting like it had when I started last year.

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