Tuesday, October 04, 2011

One Year!

I've lived here a year! Even so I still have some things that catch me off gaurd. Everything is almost the same here, almost. I have come to call these things Twilight Zone moments. There are little things that happen that catch me off guard and make it feel like the twilight zone even after I have adjusted to everything else. So obvious one is cars on the left side of the road become normal over time, but others just won't.
  • Light switches are pressed down to turn on.
  • Lots of other tall people (like three times as many)
  • Tea Break (Yes really, even when no one buys tea it's still called that)
  • People talking about which accent they chose to use while growing up
  • Swearing on TV or the occasional breasts in the free daily paper on the tube.
  • Having tax included in the price so I can add up the bill in my head
  • Every piece of paper being A4 instead of letter sized
  • Dates written with day/month/year
  • Different movie ratings and no green screen before each movie trailer.
  • Drinking in public.
  • Gambling not seen as a sin.
  • No jaywalking laws.
  • Store advertisements proud of being sustainable
  • Different accents on announcements and commercials

words: I have gotten used to using a lot of different words but for some reason my my brain will not allow me to say "zed" instead of "zee" for 'z'. So "zEE bra" is pronounced "zEH bra" here. I also still laugh every time I hear someone use the word "whilst".

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