Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

The British are curious about Thanksgiving. I was asked a lot of questions about a lot of different aspects of the holiday. The funny thing is that no one wants to know about Canadian Thanksgiving (It's in October). That being said last year I only knew of one pub that was doing Thanksgiving stuff. But for some reason this year Whole Foods was pushing Thanksgiving hard. I can't figure out why but I didn't want to complain because it made it easy to find pumpkin filling to make a pie that I have been craving.
Since I didn't have as many guests this year to help me pig out I decided to go with ham instead of Turkey since I'm actually not a huge fan of Turkey. To round it out I made stuffing, mash potatoes, and candied yams. Of course candied yams were the favorite but how can you go wrong with that much butter and sugar for something that isn't dessert?

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