Friday, December 16, 2011

Playing Santa

Every year the student village I live in has a Christmas party. This year since I am a warden I thought it would be funny if I was Santa. For at least the last eight years it was something no one else wanted to do. Originally I had thought that I would just be dressed up to collect the secret Santa presents, but the other wardens kept asking how I would react to people sitting on my lap.
While building the decorations they decided to build Santa's Grotto. I decided to use it as a place to stash secret Santa presents. While dressing up as Santa I used two pillows to try to add some girth to my frame. Trying to navigate through a party with that much extra padding on helped me as a reminder that I never wanted to get that size. It was just too hard to move easily.
After passing out the presents all the Chinese and Indian students wanted to have their picture taken with me. The best I could gather was that this was their first Christmas and they wanted a picture to send home to show the local culture. That's all well and good but once you put on the costume people see you as a character instead of you the person. This led to some grabby hands during the photos. After a half hours of taking photos with different students I finally changed out of the costume to enjoy the party with everyone else.

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