Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

I don't what the rules are that are used for what day Chinese new year but this year it came extra early. Since I was a warden this time around I wanted to try to include everyone more than last year. We had the same lion dance and food planned (and I made sure to have the chinese fortune cookies since the Chinese students had never heard of them.) My part that I volunteered to do as karaoke.
The warden (J.) in charge of hiring a marquee (tent) didn't do it in time so it couldn't be reserved. Instead we bought three pop-up gazebos and tied them together to the three I had bought for the welcome weekend. Since heaters usually came with the tent we had to use all of the emergency heaters we used when the boilers broke in student's flats. The problem being that it kept tripping the fuse. Even after all the heaters were turned off. So we traced it back to one of the hotplates was shorting out so that went into the trash. Unfortunately not before it shorted out the router we were using for the internet connection we were going to use for Karaoke. We found a different router but I could not get the Chinese language pack installed on my computer correctly. So the plan I came up with was T. would handle the Chinese side on her laptop and I would handle the English songs. We had both laptops setup and I could switch between them for the large screen for people to see. I got everything working right at the time we wanted to start doing karaoke. It went off without a hitch switching back and forth between Chinese and English songs, and of course everyone loved the lion dance.
At the end of the night I don't think 90% of the students even realized that we had hit any problems much less all of them. But the reality is that I had been running around the entire night putting out problems so much or running karaoke that the night was over and I didn't even get 15 minutes of socializing.

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