Sunday, January 01, 2012

A New Year

New Year's Eve and it was rainy. So instead of hanging out squished between sardines for hours we had a much lower key party with just a few friends instead. We played a game that one of my friends had got for Christmas. Long, involved and lots of rules. When midnight got close we got our friend to switch the computer to live TV and risk a £1000 fine so we could see the countdown and fireworks. It was pretty obvious that they had upped the budget this year for the fireworks.
I have found something funny in the first week of the new year. My commute has me walking through one of the richest neighborhoods in London. As people put the trees on the curb I have realized that I have yet to see one taller than 6 1/2 or 7 feet tall (2 meters). For this rich of a neighborhood in the US there wouldn't be a tree below 12 feet. I am just amused at how much more low key even celebrating Christmas is here.

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