Thursday, February 02, 2012


It was a 8 hour coach (bus) trip from London up to Edinburgh. We left at 10pm so we got there at 6 in the morning. I had to get everyone checked into the hostel then T. and I headed out for breakfast. We found a little American greasy spoon diner in 50's style complete with chrome and jukeboxes. The funny part was that we had haggis and black pudding as part of the the full scottish breakfast.
From there we headed down the royal mile. I had been to Edinburgh before and the castle seemed overpriced for what it was worth. Instead I wanted to see the modern architecture of Scottish Parliament. I was interested in seeing the sharing of power; how the local government worked when England wanted it to have as little independence as possible. We couldn't take a tour so we decided to go for a walk in Holyrood Park. We ended up climbing to the top of the smaller of the two hills. I enjoyed the hike more than seeing any sites. I had been in London so long that I had not realized how much I missed being outdoors and hiking. That night we found a Mexican restaurant. I found it funny that I could order a haggis burrito but I have to admit it tasted very good. The spicy haggis was very similar to chorizo.
The funny thing is that Edinburgh is built on many hills. Walking around the city requires going up and down many times. The next day everyone was complaining of sore legs. We took it a lot easier and instead went to a few museums. There was a few people that didn't show up for the bus ride home when we left. We ended up leaving a few people to find their own way home.

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