Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mexican Party

Save Chinese New Year, all the other parties are very British. I couldn't really throw an American party though. It seemed odd but what parts of American culture would I bring out. Not to mention that I was only one of two Americans in the student village so it would not really be very appealing to the students at large. So how about a Mexican Fiesta!
This was really an excuse for me to make some Mexican food that I was craving. I had never made my own tortillas before and with being so hard to find them here I thought I would have a hand at it. Growing up in southern California made Mexican culture second nature to me but it is the border culture, completely different from central Mexico. So I enlisted the Mexican students to help plan. This expanded into including pretty much all the south American students. But hey, I was happy that it was a non-european party!
The thing that excited most people was the piñata. They had all heard of it but never tried to hit one. After searching at a few places I finally found a party store that had them. I bought two since everyone knows something always goes wrong when you have a piñata. I was worried where I would find refried beans but finally found them at Whole foods of all places. I also bought an assortment of hot sauces for a tasting.
Of course this was still London so alcohol was still involved. I knew nothing about Tequila but  I went to the one off-license that was famous in London for having all the weird types of alcohol and basically bought £100 of tequila on their advice. I also made some horchata for those that did not drink (also a first time experience but it was tasty.)
Everyone had fun. Everyone dove for the candy and I made sure to grab the stick so no one was hit. I was glad I had bought two piñatas since the first one was killed after only a few hits. The south American students took care of the music since I had no clue and after seven different tequila tastings a lot of people were dancing the tango. But most importantly I took care of my craving for warm tortillas.

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