Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Partick's Day Party

Talk about luck, the last day of the term was on the 16th. St. Patricks Day was on the 17th. Of course this should be the theme for the end of term party in the student village. In thought it makes perfect sense. The reality is that most of the students went to their own St. Patricks Day parties so they came to the student village party as an after party or did not show up at all. Hind-sight is 20/20.
Which meant for the people that did show up there was extra of everything. We had decided to make Irish stew so each of the wardens and everyone on the planning committee got two bags of potatoes (I did not know that there are different textures of potatoes: waxy and starchy) onions, carrots, spices, and sheep's neck bone. The stew I made never even got used so I ended up eating stew for the next two weeks until I got tired of it.
A leprechaun hunt was also planned out so me and another warden C. went in search of chocolate gold coins. After striking out at 3 different grocery stores and 2 candy stores we found them at a little connivence store that a last ditch effort. I decorated the place with all the green lights we had while everyone else put up shamrocks. The fridge was filled with (predictably) Guinness. There was also a Ceilidh caller (Irish barn dancing, no I don't know the reason why this is so popular for college parties) . With the lower turn out the party was much more low-key but it made it easier to deal with the drunk people since that is what St. Patricks is all about.

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