Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inside of Parliment

One of the things on T.'s list of things to see was inside the parliament building . (As in the one with Big Ben in the bell tower.) So what's it like inside? Well the only place I could take pictures was the oldest part (from the 1300's) it was also the plainest part, and only big part of the building. The newer part is mostly hallways which is surprising from the look from the outside. The rooms inside are actually quite small. Another thing that really caught my attention was the smell. It had old smell to it. But old dignified smell. It wasn't old building smell though. It was like an old dignified cologne smell. I could only guess there was a guy that was paid to mix a special blend of herbs to create a cologne smell special to the parliament building then spay it around every day. When I brought this up with a British friend he told me that the old way of getting the yellow in tweed was to dye it with urine. The damp air of the Thames right next to the parliament building would bring out the smell of urine. So it is very possible my theory is right that they pay a guy to handle building smell every day. There are weirder (to me) traditions they follow in there.
Oh yeah, and a lot of British tradition happens there and I was in awe at all the history. I just don't know how to write that down without sounding boring. But one thing was obvious: it is a mish-mash of whatever traditions stuck over the hundreds of years. I can only imagine US traditions will be just as opaque in another 700 years.

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