Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reducing Back to Zero

I hate doing this. I had been so conscious of money living in London throwing away the opened food in my fridge felt physically exhausting and like I was breaking my own rules. I had to much stuff to get it all packed. To many souvenirs that I had picked up along the way. I sold what I could around the flay on ebay, and gave away or donated everything else.
For the actual flight out I felt like I needed to be a good example to the end and wanted to make sure to leave my flat clean. I under estimated how long it would take me to walk to the tube station with all the heavy luggage and ended up being in a hurry and I got to the airport 2 minutes late to check in my luggage. All the gate attendants wanted to do was leave so I was cut no slack. I ended up needing to pay £100 extra. (The lady on the phone started at £600) With a little embarrassment I got the key back for my flat and slept there one more night.

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