Sunday, April 01, 2012


Mount Snowdon is the tallest mountain in the UK outside of Scotland. When I saw this trip mentioned by one of the residents I couldn't help but propose for me to be in charge of the planning. As the planning got closer I realized this was the perfect place to propose to T.
I ended up filling up a van, planning all the meals, and buying the food. We had a 7 hour drive to a mountain cabin owned by the university. I thought it was going to be a house, but no it was a mountain cabin with a fireplace to keep us warm and funky old mattresses in a 300 year old rock hut with a cement floor. It really added to the whole feeling for the rest of the trip. But the first night it wasn't that inviting since everyone was just so tired we all collapsed as quick as possible.
After a breakfast of french toast soufflĂ© (one of my signature easy large group dishes. I did get help from M and C. It's not like I was slaving away alone.) we headed up the mountain. Half way up it was so foggy no one could see 50 feet. I pulled T off the trail a little ways and gave her the ring. We finished the hike to the top just in time for the group photo, but our half the group took the wrong way down and took a lot longer to get back to the cabin.
The second day we visited the town of Caernarfon. (Yes, Welsh names are hard for me to spell) The castle there was a nice easy walk and really went well as part of the little seaside sleepy town. Everyone was happy to just lazily walk around instead of another day of hiking, T and I included.

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