Sunday, April 08, 2012

Teaching Easter

So how to explain all of the Easter traditions to someone that has never celebrated them before. You really realize how silly they all are when seeing them from the outside:
We had to have an easter egg hunt. Now all the european students went home for easter break so that left the wardens and mostly Chinese students. (There were a couple South American students). Explaining they are supposed to hunt around with the head warden's little kids for Cadbury eggs hidden by a rabbit (We had to stay in story because of the little kids) I think most of the Chinese students got the gist of what was really going on even with a little language barrier.
Then I had big hollow chocolate eggs for T. and I on the couch. I had to explain in the US chocolate rabbits are left. The whole idea of a rabbit leaving you a rabbit to eat seems demented.
One really fun thing to do was to go to Harrods and Fortnum & Mason to see the totally over the top chocolate eggs. It was like the Christmas display windows in NYC only these ones were for sale. Two foot tall £150 chocolate egg with fancy writing. Who in their right mind has spoiled enough children to think they need to buy that to have a good relationship with their kids? I can only guess it is for suck up rich middle management to buy insecure bosses. Fun to look at though.

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